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V.P.S (Vector Projectile Systems) Airsoft BB’s
Open a bottle of our best and experience the difference

V.P.S. (Vector Projectile Systems) and its distributors represent quality you can depend on. Veteran founded and led, we constantly strive to push the game further with our Airsoft ammunition.


At VPS we are committed to providing our customers with a diverse range of Airsoft Ammunition that delivers trusted performance.

Quality is paramount and is our mission.


We perform thorough product testing. We employ our very own proprietary processing machinery here in the United States, utilizing strict ISO 9001 quality control practices. This ensures the best possible standard of quality for our Airsoft non marking ammunition.


Our entire line-up of Airsoft ammunition is packaged in rugged vacuum sealed bottles. This is the optimal method of BB packaging due to its unparalleled ability to preserve the integrity of the BBs, protecting them from the effects of weather and storage conditions.


All of these measures allow us to offer quality in every vacuum sealed bottle. Open a bottle of our best and experience the difference. 

Happy hunting.

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