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How It's Made

Material prep and injection

Using three-screw raw material mixers, the plastic is prepared for the injection molding machines. Three screw mixers allow the material to be evenly mixed. Thorough mixing helps guarantee the airsoft BB’s weight remains consistent.

The prepared raw plastic is poured into hoppers attached to “hot runner” injection mold machines. The hot runners, coupled with ample air ventilation systems, produce a solid BB with NO bubbles.

Grind and polish

Once cooled, the BBs are trimmed from their injection mold sprues and fed through high pressure grinding machines. These grinding machines ensure the BBs are seamless. Once the grinding process is complete the BBs measure in diameter between 5.97- 5.98mm.

After leaving the grinding machines the BBs enter a 6 hour polishing phase. This gives our BB its glossy finish while smoothing the BB down to its correct diameter. Upon completion the BBs measure a diameter of 5.95 +/- 0.01mm. They are then rinsed and prepared for quality control.

Quality control

To ensure size deviations do not exceed +/- 0.01mm we use machine selection. Every BB will pass through a calibrated sorting machine twice. This allows us to weed out any BBs that are not within spec. As an extra measure to ensure quality we randomly select batches and check again by hand.

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